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About the NJ Camp Fairs

NJ KIDS is excited to be organizing and running New Jersey’s summer camp fairs for 2020, and hence continuing the great tradition of connecting great kids with great camps!  We’ve seen the power of the fairs as it’s a wonderful and rare opportunity for that “face to face” family and camp director meeting which can make all the difference in the world. I wouldn’t have sent my own kids to their first sleep-away if it wasn’t for that connection I made during the fair. It’s an important decision and leaving your child to a stranger for a longer period of time, can be quite heart wrenching.

The goal is to hold camp fairs that provide the opportunity for parents to meet camp directors from a large number of quality summer camps and summer programs throughout the United States. Parents can have in-depth conversations about the programs and facilities that camps offer. In this day and age of dual working parents, a camp fair is a wonderful way for parents to maximize their time for finding just the right program for their child. While you can spend hours surfing the Internet, you may not be able to see a diverse set of camps from various locations all under one roof. The fairs give you a glimpse of different types that you may not have even considered. The fairs help to broaden you and your child’s horizon to cross boundaries that you may never have considered crossing. Summer is the best time to experiment new experiences. Why not let your child explore?

NJ KIDS Media has been connecting families with programs throughout New Jersey since 2004. With our broad offering of digest-size guides, niche publications (from NJ KIDS On The Go! Monthly Digest Guides along with our Camp, Field Trips & Assemblies, Party, and Special Needs Guides), online web (www.njkidsonline.com) and e-newsletters, we can turn to our multiple channels to communicate quickly and effectively. Our brand, NJ KIDS is followed monthly by thousands of young families who have kids from the ages of tots to tweens, and who are constantly looking and asking the “What to Do” questions.

Thanks for finding us! We’re happy to connect you!

Sandra Leu
Chief Camper

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Featured Camp

New Horizons Day Camp (North Jersey)

OPEN HOUSE Sun, Mar 15, 1-3PM - CANCELLED.  Traditional Day Camp for Pre-K-9th Gr. From athletics to coding... art to archery... cooking to podcasting. Choose from OVER 100 unique activities! Meet staff members and participate in a variety of fun activities, sports activities, balloons, art projects, face painting, experiments. Future Open House Dates: 4/19, 1-3PM, 5/16 -- 1-3PM, and 6/13 -- 1-3PM.71 Ridgedale Ave, Florham Park, 973.850.6640, info@newhorizonsdaycamp.com, www.newhorizonsdaycamp.com